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About L&D Innovations

Established 2021

  • Family-owned and operated out of Arlington Texas, we are the original and highest-rated solar panel cleaning company in DFW. We value professionalism and a commitment to our customers, setting us apart as a leading Solar Panel Cleaning Service in the area. We cater to each job’s specific needs and guarantee satisfaction with all our work. We are proud of our work's quality and stand by it.


  • We are solar professionals and have been in the industry since 2015, working alongside some of the largest US solar companies like SolarCity, Tesla, Sunrun, and Sunpower as installers, Technicians, and system designers. We are certified to work with various systems manufacturers and components. We understand how valuable your time and investment are, so we make the greatest effort to get you taken care of as quickly as possible and professionally.

  • We offer professional solar panel cleaning services for your home or business using no harsh chemicals, detergents, or solvents. We use specialized equipment and brushes designed specifically for cleaning solar panel systems. Our cleaning process will not harm your system or affect your warranty in any way.

  • Having your system cleaned professionally at least once or twice a year helps it perform optimally by capturing as much production as possible. Our customers are reporting significant improvements in production after our cleaning process was completed and are extremely satisfied with the results.

Please take a look at our services page to see the other services we offer. Thank you for considering us to service your home.

L&D Innovations

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